People often ask us, “Is there really a difference between waxing and sugaring?” The answer is yes, and quite a bit actually…


1. Pure and natural ingredients.

2. A healthier alternative.

3. Not as hot.

4. Easier to clean.

5. Will not stick to skin.

6. More cost effective (last longer).

7. Never dries.

8. Will not break hairs.

9. More sanitary.

10. Leads to permanency.


1. Made primarily of resins and contain artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals, and preservatives.

2. People can be allergic to the artificial fragrances and ingredients found which can make skin red, irritated, irritated, and break out into a rash.

3. Burn the skin.

4. Damage the dermal cells.

5. “Pit” the delicate facial skin cells.

6. Scar the follicle mouth or surrounding area.

7. Promote cross contamination.

8. Cause unnecessary discomfort.

9. Cause ingrown hair.